IT Modernization

Staying Ahead with Emerging Technology

Intrepid experts provide a holistic approach to planning, architecting, and implementing cutting-edge cloud technology, IT modernization, and DecSecOps to drive operational efficiencies and deliver positive outcomes. We also offer specialized technology tools that support key processes vital to our customers’ missions. We support our customers in delivering worldwide coverage for information technology requirements and technical support services through system design, development, fielding, and sustainment of global intelligence vital to the security of the United States. Intrepid delivers solutions and services across both classified and unclassified programs on multiple networks and security domains.

Efficient Cloud Architecture Engineering – Intrepid specializes in planning, designing, implementing, and operating on- and off-premises hybrid private cloud data centers built with Dell, VMware, and Quest management software to migrate traditional data centers to leading-edge hyperconverged designs including Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Our trained, certified and experienced engineering team, in coordination with our AWS, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure partners design, implement, hybrid software defined data centers at any scale, for IC and DoD customers globally.

Agile Mission System Software Development – Intrepid delivers an agile DevSecOps methodology and ICD 503 Risk Management Framework (RMF) to design, develop, document, test, integrate, and implement software and hardware-based capabilities that achieve and sustain authorization to operate (ATO) throughout their lifecycle. We leverage IT automation tools including Ansible, Jenkins and Puppet to create repeatable continuous integration and continuous delivery processes to control standardized build, test, and deploy processes. Our proven processes deliver cybersecurity-certified bare metal configurations, with accredited physical, virtual, and containerized, extensible application and customized mission capabilities leveraging VMware, open source Xen, Docker, and Kubernetes technologies.

Cybersecurity Engineering and Operations Expertise – Our Cybersecurity engineering teams helped to establish the customer’s defensive cybersecurity offices (DCO) that develop, inform, and institutionalize cybersecurity policy, processes and procedures. Intrepid’s Cybersecurity Specialists deliver full-service DISA certification and ICD-503 RMF accreditation support teams to prepare, devise, and execute policy standardized processes that secure the enterprise, system or service, and achieve and sustain ATO. We develop custom built federated auditing solutions based on Elastic Search and other technologies defending against insider threats. We provide a host of multi-security level computer network defense (CND) design and implementation solutions leveraging Cisco and Palo Alto Firewalls, and Forcepoint trusted interfaces. Our team designs, configures, deploys, operates, and maintains edge and host-based security systems including Carbon Black and McAfee systems. We integrate these with Government-provided and custom-built scanning, detection, forensic analysis, and remediation systems to form security information and event management (SEIM) to form bulletproof security architectures that protect, detect, respond, mitigate, report and prevent cybersecurity events.

Automated IT Service Management – Intrepid applies ITIL-4 service strategy, design, transition, operations, continuous improvement, and management best practices. We leverage our ServiceNow, Microsoft, Oracle, and Red Hat partnerships and professional certifications to devise automated methodologies to schedule, build, test, deliver and maintain IT systems and services. We develop and deliver mission-owner self service portal, providing clients the ability to self-provision infrastructure and platform as a service (IaaS/PaaS) for their mission needs and provide auto-provisioning software as a service (SaaS) on-demand. We create a single IT service management pane of glass to monitor service efficiency and effectiveness, application performance, user experience (UX), and enterprise utilization. From the same vantage point, we manage system parameters, interfaces, agent and agentless instrumentation, and visualizations to remain responsive to required service level agreements (SLA) and changes to operational, system, and technical requirements

Comprehensive IT Enterprise Modernization – Intrepid’s transformational engineering efforts modernize, migrate, and operate enterprise services in support of strategic, tactical, and forward deployed military intelligence organizations ensuring no disruption to ongoing mission operations. We develop and integrate new technologies including docker virtualized and containerized applications, elastic search data management, and TIBCO multi-cloud Connected Intelligence platform to connect mission users to any application or data source.

Our distributed service provisioning and deprovisioning deliver services on demand, at scale wherever our customers are deployed. Our SaaS capability manage the provisioning, de-provisioning, and recovery of physical, virtual, and containerized mission systems and applications automatically, without service disruption, ensuring efficient use of cloud resources.

Intrepid provides a broad spectrum of expertise supporting information technology, engineering, and cyber security initiatives to include:

Program and Project Management
Hybrid Private Cloud Data Center Migration
IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Software and Application Development and Integration
System, Network, Storage, and Cybersecurity Engineering
Insider Threat Support
Configuration Management
Test and Evaluation
Edge-and Host-Based Cybersecurity and Computer Network Defense (CND)
ITIL-4 IT Service Management Support
Quality Management, Quality Assurance, Process Improvement