U.S. ARMY Ground Intelligence Support Agency Award

The United Army Ground Intelligence Support Activity (GISA) awarded Intrepid Solutions and Services, Inc. a prime contract to implement and manage GISA’s Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange migration services. Intrepid will complete the consolidation of the disparate Army JWICS Active Directory domains and forests and Exchange electronic mail resources into a consolidated Army JWICS enterprise forest.

GISA’s mission is to provide worldwide enterprise intelligence information technology services to Army Commands, Army Service Component Commands, Direct Reporting Units, US Army Reserves and the Army National Guard. GISA headquartered at Fort Bragg, NC.

A consolidated Army JWICS enterprise forest is the cornerstone of LANDISRnet. LandISRNet, a subcomponent of LANDWarNet, provides a holistic, comprehensive Army military intelligence force strategy that provides the network to optimize intelligence support to Army full spectrum operations.

“Under a different contract vehicle, Intrepid worked very closely with the GISA team to successfully migrate the Army’s European JWICS networks and the I CORPS network into the Army JWICS enterprise Active Directory forest earlier in 2011” said Byron Love, Intrepid’s program manager for the migration effort. “As we migrated, we improved network efficiencies by facilitating the reduction of the number of excess workstations, servers, user accounts, and e-mail accounts that were being managed on the networks. We look forward to providing the same quality services for the consolidation of the Army’s Pacific and Continental US JWICS networks into the Army JWICS enterprise forest under this new contract.”

Intrepid, a Quest Software partner, is using the Quest Migration Manager software suite and the Quest Consolidator application to perform this historic migration. The Quest tools allow Intrepid to perform the migration of critical Army intelligence assets with minimal mission interruption. Intrepid is also a Microsoft certified partner.